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Funny Isn’t It? You worked hard all your life, Hoping that someday that you could put your feet up on a sunny porch and do nothing more than reading a book. But when that day does arrive, you start missing the frantic pace – Feeling left out and without purpose. Suddenly, you don’t want to slow down. You wish you could turn back the clock and start rushing again.

However prepared you to think you are for retirement, the reality is very different, and the emptiness looms large. That period of your life that you earn for all your working years, does not seem to hold the same appeal anymore. You begin to feel that this is the beginning of old age, and it is downhill from here.

Don’t Despair! You are not the only one who feels this way. It’shows most people nearing retirement feel. At MY HAPPY HOME, we have spent a lot of time working with senior citizens to understand how exactly they feel. It has only helped us serve them better.

Your Day, Your Way

Enriching and fulfilling activities planned with your interests in mind.


Enjoy the food you love freshely prepared each day by our in-house chef.

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